I’ve got an insatiable itch to play and I’ve tipped up the cash, so when’s my Signature Edition game going to get here?

As soon as we receive the games from the manufacturer we’ll be letting everyone know via social media (make sure you follow us on your platform of choice). Then our shipping monkeys will get to work and make sure your order is dispatched in a timely fashion. Depending on where you live, expect up to two weeks for your game to get to you.


I live in the Outer Hebrides / Svalbard / Supai / Socotra (they’re all pretty remote, look them up) can you ship to me?

If you get mail deliveries, we’ll do our best to get your game to you.


I want to order multiple copies of one of your games, is that OK?

Sure, we won’t penalize you for wanting multiple copies. However, if you want more than five then let us know as soon as possible and we’ll make yours a special order.


If I order more than one game can I combine postage?

Get in touch with us for information. If you want them to arrive in the same package, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


I’ll be straight, I’m going to buy a couple of extra copies and put them on e-bay. Is that a problem?

Not for us. If you want to buy multiple copies with a view to making a fortune and in the process possibly deny a collector the chance to pay the regular cost, then knock yourself out. We can’t see you making huge profits from such a venture and your karma rating may dip a little but hey, prove us wrong and send us a photo of you and your shiny new Ferrari.


Hey, no fair! My order wasn’t accepted, what gives?

There may be circumstances in which we’re unable to process your order and in such cases will reach out and contact you directly. Maybe your payment didn’t go through or perhaps we can’t find your address. Whatever the case, we’ll try and work with you to sort something out.


Houston we have a problem… What is your Return and Exchange policy?

We trust you’ll make the right decision when you place your order. If there’s an issue at that stage quickly drop us an email and as long as the shipping monkeys haven’t already sent your order, we’ll get things sorted. If you’ve received your package and then decided that you made the wrong choice, then get in touch as quickly as possible. You’ll have to send it back at your own expense and once we’ve received it in an un-opened, re-sellable state (still shrink wrapped) we’ll issue a refund. If your game’s arrived in a damaged state get in touch as soon as possible and we’ll discuss what steps we need to take to sort the issue.


I have a question so unique, so left-field, so important that you didn’t cover it in this FAQ section…

Shoot it over, we’ll do our best to answer it and may even update the FAQ to include it.