I'm ordering multiple pre-orders, when will they ship?

Orders are fulfilled as soon as we have stock for all of the items.

This means that your whole order will ship once all games are released.

If you pre-order Awesome Game 1 with Awesome Game 2, and Awesome Game 2 doesn't release until a month later, that's when they'll both ship. 

If you really, really can't wait for Awesome Game 1, please place a separate order and it'll ship ASAP. 

I've filled my cart with multiple games but it won't let me check out! What gives?

The shipping service we use has a maximum weight per parcel of 2kg. Essentially this means you can order up to three of the new-style games at any one time. If you want to order more games please place your orders in multiples of two or three. Older titles weigh less so try experimenting with your cart.

When do I get charged for a pre-order?

Pre-orders are paid for at the time you place the order. 

I live in the Outer Hebrides / Svalbard / Supai / Socotra (they’re all pretty remote, look them up) can you ship to me?

We ship to most countries worldwide and the list is growing all the time!  If you cannot see your country when you try to check out contact support@mergegames.com and we’ll sort it out.

I’ve got an insatiable itch to play and I’ve tipped up the cash, so when’s my Signature Edition game going to get here?

To ensure a prompt service, shipments will be made each working day - Monday through Friday. Orders will be shipped one day after receipt and orders placed over a weekend or on UK public holidays will be processed the following Monday.

As shipments are made, customers will automatically receive an email confirming their order has left our warehouse. In most cases a Royal Mail tracking number will also be included. International orders usually take around seven to ten days to arrive. However in our experience some countries can take longer and can be affected by customs regulations. Please be patient!

I’m a collector, how do pack games when you ship them?

We now have an improved and custom built range of packing solutions for every size of order. Games are protected by bubble-wrap packaging and any extra box space is padded out to prevent movement during shipping. The outer boxes are made of heavy-duty cardboard and securely taped-down to prevent them opening. Ultimately, we are aiming for all packages to arrive in pristine condition.


There are small holes / tears in my game’s cellophane wrap, what should I do?

The cellophane wrap is intended to protect the game case from damage. It is common to find small holes or tears due to the wrapping process. These are not considered a fault and have been inspected and considered acceptable against tolerance thresholds in manufacturing standards.

Hey, no fair! My order wasn’t accepted, what gives?

There may be circumstances in which we’re unable to process your order. Maybe your payment didn’t go through or perhaps we can’t find your address. Whatever the case, we’ll try and work with you to sort something out. Email support@signatureeditiongames.com and let’s sort it out together.

Houston we have a problem… What is your Return and Exchange policy?

If you need to make any other changes to your order including delivery address etc. then please email us at support@signatureeditiongames.com as soon as possible and we will sort it out straight away.

If you’ve received your package and then decided that you made the wrong choice, get in touch as soon as possible.  You’ll have to send it back at your own expense and once we’ve received it unopened and still shrink wrapped, we’ll issue a refund.

If your parcel arrives damaged, then contact us straight away and we’ll discuss what steps we need to take to sort this out.

How many copies of each game do you print, are Signature Editions limited?

We create a first run based on the perceived demand. Usually we’re pretty good at guessing how many we’ll sell. However, if demand continues and it makes sense to create additional copies we will order more to satisfy our customers.

I have a question so unique, so left-field, so important that you didn’t cover it in this FAQ section…

Shoot it over, we’ll do our best to answer it and may even update the FAQ to include it.