Delight your fans and increase your game’s revenue with Signature Edition

So, you’re a talented developer who’s realized your dream of making your own game. It’s been tough, right? Fighting with code, battling with first-party submissions, wrestling with metadata, arguing over age ratings… the list just goes on and on. You’re all set to release your game but are you missing an opportunity?

Unless you’ve spoken to Signature Edition Games you are! We know that games are #betterinabox and there’s no better way to delight your fans while increasing your game’s revenue stream. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s win-win all round. Here are some key benefits:

  • Zero financial risk, Signature Edition will finance the physical costs.
  • Adulation from your fans and increased awareness for your game and studio.
  • Your game in the best collectable boxes out there - finally something you can take home and show your parents.

The team at Signature Edition and Merge Games will help with all the heavy lifting involved in taking your digital game and opening up a whole new physical world.

  • Our product team will work with you to make versions of your title that are ready to make the transition onto disc or cart.
  • Our Art team will work with you to create the eye-popping packaging your game will have, and they’ll make sure it passes all the first-party regulations.
  • Our Logistics team will take care of ordering the manufacturing of your physical game and shipping it to our warehouse and then fulfilling orders to your game’s fans.
  • Our Marketing team will tell the world about your game using mainstream media, social media, influencers and even events to get the word out.
  • Finally, our sales team will run the numbers and provide you with monthly reports showing how your game’s performed and wire you the money!

In summary, your game in a box for minimal risk and effort and maximum reward.


"With Merge we've reached an audience we would never have on our own, & we've had a great working relationship from day one."
“We could not have found a better partner in getting our physical editions published than Merge. From start to finish Merge & their staff have been responsive, informative, & enthusiastic.”
"Merge have been nothing but helpful & obliging in our time working with them on Dead Cells. They've shipped over 150K retail copies of the game & have fought vigorously to secure the best deal for us in terms of price & placement, so we couldn't be happier with the results.”
Jon Cartwright, Prideful Sloth
John Lindvay, Red Hook Studios.
Steve Filby, Motion Twin. 

All you have to do is start the conversation. Eben Cunningham ( and Luke Keighran ( are just and email away.