Valfaris - Signature Edition (PS4)

  • £34.99

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  • A region free version of the game (PlayStation 4  - the game will be PEGI rated but playable in any region).
  • Two CDs of the seismic soundtrack recorded by extreme metaller Curt Victor Bryant (former Celtic Frost guitarist).
  • Two art cards - one featuring exclusive in-game imagery and the other bearing digital signatures of the dev team.
  • A paper-back art booklet filled with awesome pixel art from the game and concept sketches.
  • Two exclusive metal pin badges – featuring The Bringer of Mayhem and the Unlimited Energy Skull.

    Set in a far corner of space, Valfaris is a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer and the next game from the team behind Unity Awards finalist, Slain: Back From Hell. Brutal combat. Deadly enemies. Stunning pixel art. Savage soundtrack. Get ready to rip the galaxy a new wormhole.

    After mysteriously vanishing from galactic charts, the fortress of Valfaris has suddenly reappeared in the orbit of a dying sun. Once a self-contained paradise, the grandiose citadel now plays host to an ever-growing darkness.

    Therion, a fearless and proud son of Valfaris, returns to his home to uncover the truth of its doomed fate and to challenge the arcane evil at its very heart.

    • Skulls in space! Gore in space! Metal in space!
    • Savagely reduce foes to piles of gibs with an array of brutal weaponry.
    • Explore a diverse range of tainted environments as you venture ever deeper into the dark world of Valfaris.
    • Dominate ranks of deadly enemies and bosses, from the weird to the grotesque (and some that are just grotesquely weird).
    • Gorge your eyes on devastatingly awesome pixel art hand-crafted by Andrew Gilmour.
    • Feel the power of a seismic soundtrack by extreme metaller and former Celtic Frost guitarist, Curt Victor Bryant.
    • Forged from the ground-up by the team behind cult hit Slain: Back From Hell.

     Supports the following languages:

    English French Italian German Spanish
    Portuguese Russian Japanese Polish Portuguese - Brazil
    Traditional Chinese Turkish Finnish