Sublevel Zero Redux - Standard Edition (PS4)

  • £19.99


This product is for the standard retail version of Sublevel Zero Redux. Additional Signature Edition content is not included



  • Region Free PS4 Sublevel Zero Redux Game 


Sublevel Zero is a six-degree-of-freedom roguelite shooter in a universe where reality is falling apart.

Jump into the cockpit of a lone gunship searching for ancient technology and answers in a procedurally generated underground labyrinth.

Fight through an intense single-player campaign which has been remastered and includes extra content and features.


6-DOF Action

Your gunship is free to fly and rotate in all directions.

Attack from any angle to press your advantage, but beware - your enemies will too.


Procedural, Permadeath

No lives. No saves. Fight your way through a different randomised environment every single time you play. Make every shot, every decision count.



Craft weapons and items together to tailor your gunship to your playstyle. Unlock more items and blueprints as you play, and keep those unlocks across playthroughs.


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