Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Posted by Nick Clarkson on

The open-world exploration adventure game from the former Activision and Rocksteady veterans at Prideful Sloth, will be released at retail for PlayStation4, courtesy of Merge GamesStandard boxed copies will be available at major retailers across the globe.

Additionally, the Signature Edition version will be packed with special merchandise, including an art book, a physical coin based on Yonder’s in-game currency and a stickers.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles' features include:

  • A vibrant open world full of things to discover and places to explore.
  • Set your own pace; trail-blaze across the world or settle down for a spot of quiet fishing and farming.
  • Extensive character customisation.
  • Master professions like carpenter, chef, tailor and more to help the residents of Gemea.
  • Craft and trade items to solve puzzles as you banish the murk from the island.
  • Befriend and adopt endearing creatures.
  • Build and harvest multiple farms across 8 diverse biomes, ranging from grasslands through dense forest, Caribbean tropics and more.
  • Set in a welcoming world you'll want to visit again and again
  • A mix of hand-tailored and procedurally generated quests.
  • Multiple creative routes to achieve objectives.
  • A dynamic living world – seasonal changes affect routes, animals migrate, day/night and evolving weather conditions affect the world.

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