PAX West 2017 - Achievement Unlocked

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While the majority of the UK was enjoying a public holiday we jumped on a plane and headed for the Pacific Northwest; more accurately Seattle and PAX West.

The Merge Games / Signature Edition Games booth was located on the sixth floor and of the Washington Convention Centre and our initial visit to booth #6916 confirmed the task ahead, there was a lot to do.

A whistle stop tour of the new Ikea store in Renton and we were up an running. It took us all day but by the end of the afternoon all the flatpacks had been constructed and the booth was taking shape. Just enough time to solve the issue of all the hardware going missing before we jumped in our van and headed to the airport to pick up the boss.

We prepared the booth for the show, using some pretty nifty cabinets to show off the Signature Edition Games range. I thought they looked particularly good - what do you reckon?

Anyhow, September 1st arrived and the show started - visitors came thick and fast. On PlayStation4 we showed off Aragami, Slain: Back to Hell, Unboxed: Newbie's Adventure and Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles from the Signature Edition Games range. In addition there were first time appearences from the likes of Unboxed: Newbie's Adventure, The Count Lucanor and The Long Reach on Nintendo Switch. Not to be out done we also showed The Long Reach, RIOT: Civil Unrest and Crimson Keep on PC - there was certainly lots for visitors to get their hands on.

After four long days the show ended to the sound of a viking horn being blown and cheers from all the booth staff who had worked to hard. PAX West was a blast and we'd like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by and played or chatted. Apologies for our silly accents too. So that's it for our US expeditions in 2017 - see you all again next year, starting with PAX East in Boston (note to self, remember to pack a wooly hat and gloves next year).

Our heartfelt thanks to DogHouse Systems, Sony Interactive Entertainment of America and Nintendo of America for helping us out with kit - and the Staff at Best Buy in Northgate, you guys rock! 

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